How to Find a Coffee Maker With No Plastic

Your daily cup of joe can still taste fantastic when made without plastic – with glass or stainless steel coffee makers being among the best alternatives.

Utilizing one will decrease your exposure to BPA (and other plastic chemicals) that leech into hot water and your coffee, which is especially crucial since most people rely on coffee makers every day! Selecting an eco-friendly coffee maker is especially essential given how often we use our machines!

Plastics such as BPA leach into hot liquids and foods 55x faster than they leach into cool water, potentially disrupting our health and hormones in ways we have yet to imagine. We consume an estimated credit card’s worth of BPA every week! Although our bodies can detoxify these toxins efficiently, it would be wiser if we avoided ingesting any altogether.

Many individuals seek a coffeemaker without plastic parts in order to limit their exposure. Unfortunately, traditional coffeemakers contain several forms of plastics. The most hazardous are water reservoirs and baskets which come into direct contact with coffee beans; other less exposed parts include tubes carrying water as well as lids which come into contact for only brief moments during use.

Conventional coffee makers contain not only BPA but also other toxic materials like Teflon and flame retardants which release chemicals into our homes, contributing to poor indoor air quality resulting in poor sleep, fatigue, headaches and other symptoms.

There are fortunately several fantastic coffee makers available with no or very little plastic content, including the Chemex featured prominently on Don Draper’s kitchen counter in Mad Men or Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel From Russia With Love. Additionally, this model is recommended as one of the few plastic-free options.

The Technivorm Moccamaster is an ideal solution for those seeking an automatic drip brewer free of plastic. Handcrafted in the Netherlands from mostly glass and stainless steel materials, only plastic used is in its water reservoir and filter assembly which does not come into direct contact with hot liquids; and this coffee pot is BPA, BPS and BPF free!

Cafe Du Chateau French Press is another fantastic choice made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, suitable for all stovetops – electric or gas alike. Although this brewer does require attention during its brewing process, it offers fast results and includes a reusable coffee filter and stainless steel scoop to make coffee quickly. Handwashing may be required so this may not be suitable for busy households but works great when steeping cold brew for 12-16 hours!

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