How to Decorate a Shiplap TV Wall

Shiplap walls are an increasingly popular wall trend that are ideal for creating an eye-catching textured accent wall. Painted in soothing hues for an opulent spa-like experience in the bathroom or accented with striking hues for dramatic flair in bedroom settings, shiplap can also create focal points like TV walls or fireplace surrounds in living rooms.

If you’re mounting your TV on a shiplap wall, try using dark paint colors to hide its screen. This trick works particularly well in this living room design which features white shiplap walls with rustic wood mantels and fireplaces featuring TV screens centered over them; rustic decor and greenery add character while an earthy brown textured rug completes the scene.

Alternative approaches for disguising televisions on shiplap walls include hiding them behind a custom piece of art – perfect for living rooms that feature many decorations that might detract from viewing. Roxanne Kwiecinski created this DIY solution in just two hours that saves both time and money when compared with hiring professional installers of shiplap panels.

Neutral colors on your shiplap wall can help draw the eye directly towards your furniture and decor, making the focus on them rather than their color scheme more easily. This works well in family rooms that tend towards casual atmospheres with limited color schemes; or for added flair you could paint it a vibrant shade to bring life and spirit to the space!

Shiplap ceilings offer a modern aesthetic by adding texture and interest. This living room design combines white shiplap walls with contemporary furniture and plush velvet curtains for a striking combination.

Decorating a shiplap tv wall offers endless opportunities for customization. Make the walls the focal point of the room by hanging statement pieces; or incorporate them into the design with built-in shelving that houses books and trinkets – this creates a more streamlined appearance while making the room appear thoughtfully planned.

Fans of HGTV’s Fixer Upper can create the ultimate rustic farmhouse aesthetic in their living room by installing full wooden shiplap walls, which combine warm wood tones with sleek contemporary furniture and contemporary recessed lighting to achieve an ideal blend.

For a refined and organized approach, consider integrating your TV into the wall design with custom shelving that serves as a home for books, trinkets and more. This adds texture and allows for decor display without competing with the TV itself. Alternatively, for something more contemporary combine your shiplap wall with linear fireplace for an unobtrusive, minimal appearance – just make sure that when mounting or incorporating into design with shelving that you use stud finders and follow installation guidelines for your TV mount – this ensures it remains secure and safe to use.

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