How to Create a Textured Accent Wall

Textured accent walls add tactile and visual interest to any space, providing both tactile and visual texture. From bold and colorful pieces that stand out against neutral hues in most living rooms to rustic rustic finishes that work with any aesthetic – there is sure to be one suitable textured wall out there to match.

Textured walls can help cover up existing imperfections on the wall, such as uneven surfaces, cracks or dents. As such, textured walls are an ideal way to cover flaws in entryways and bathrooms; alternatively, an accent wall may simply add color and character.

Choose the appropriate paint texture for your home is key to creating an eye-catching accent wall, and should depend on both your personal tastes and the overall design of the room. For instance, rustic or industrial decor would benefit greatly from using Venetian plaster wall finishes as they add depth and texture to their spaces.

Faux finishing can create an eye-catching accent wall by mimicking materials like wallpaper, stone or wood. Faux finishes create elegant focal points in foyers or dining rooms while adding drama in living rooms; using this style there are various methods such as painting over wallpaper panels to using textured glaze on your walls that you can utilize faux finishes in.

Natural stone is another popular material for creating an eye-catching texture on walls, adding timeless elegance. To accentuate any color or design scheme in any interior space, choose a natural stone veneer in a shade that complements it – for instance warmer Murano hues may work best when accentuating greens and browns, while cooler Turin tones might add contrast against grays and blues.

For an eye-catching yet subtle texture on an accent wall, add geometric patterns. From stripes or diamonds, to complex hexagons and chevrons. When creating such designs it is key to use tape before painting so you can achieve sharp lines and shapes without accidentally covering them up with background color.

Utilizing textiles – like wall hangings and tapestries – to add texture to an accent wall is an easy and cost-effective way to customize its appearance. Plus, switching them out regularly means your wall won’t look the same every time!

An accent wall can quickly add personality and depth to any space in your home, with so many textures available there is sure to be one perfect for every taste and design preference. For optimal results consult a professional to ensure the project runs smoothly.

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