How to Create a Shiplap Bedroom

Shiplap bedrooms are an attractive and unique way to bring character and charm into any personal retreat. This wall treatment creates an on-trend modern fresh aesthetic that works beautifully with various design elements. Shiplap bedrooms make an excellent backdrop for hanging artwork or statement mirrors since its flexible installation gives you more freedom when changing frames/artwork without needing to reinstall your drywall later on. Use it all over or just add accent pieces around your bed for maximum impact – or try vertically applying this popular design feature for a contemporary twist on this popular trend!

Shiplap creates an elegant backdrop for your headboard and adds style and hierarchy to the space when used as an accent wall behind a bed, as it adds warmth and texture. It works especially well in bedrooms featuring wood paneling or natural rustic decor since its warm textures will bring comforting warmth into the bedroom decor. To maximize this shiplap bedroom idea apply your preferred paint color over just part of the top portion of wall; this will help ensure that it balances out with other components in the decor for an overall balanced appearance.

Bringing coastal flair into your bedroom is simple if you pair shiplap walls with nautical design elements such as rugs, throw pillows and signs. These items will elevate the shiplap and help bring its coastal aesthetic alive in your personal oasis.

An effective way to use shiplap in your bedroom is as closet doors. This can conceal clothing storage while adding an aesthetic touch, so build your own shiplap closet doors by measuring the door opening size and determining how many shiplap boards are necessary for coverage. Once you have this number of boards cut them to length before sanding for smooth surface finish before attaching them with nails or adhesive to wooden frame, using a level as necessary to ensure all boards are even and aligned.

Shiplap walls for bedrooms can be one of the easiest and cost-effective DIY home renovation projects to undertake, not only do they require little skill but there are even tutorials online like drivenbydecor that provide instructions to create them or you could hire an experienced contractor to complete it for you.

Shiplap adds character and rustic charm to any bedroom space. In this farmhouse bedroom, white shiplap accent walls contrast beautifully with the wrought iron bed and neutral bedding. They can even be updated with fresh coats of paint for seasonally appropriate looks!

Shiplap ceilings can add visual interest and balance the room – this method should work particularly well in bedrooms with high or vaulted ceilings. Make sure you select a color that complements your existing bedroom decor!

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