How to Create a Dark Green Room

Dark green rooms add depth and character to any space. Interior designers have taken to calling it a “moody neutral”, making this hue an increasingly popular trend in home design. Sage hues work particularly well, while its richer counterparts create stunning backdrops for artwork or other wall decorations.

If you love the idea of a dark green room but aren’t quite ready to commit, try creating a statement wall in this color instead of painting all four walls at once. Light neutral hues work best here; creating this contrast helps the space feel larger. This works especially well in small rooms where adding a dark wall helps open it up and makes everything seem larger than it really is.

Floors can also help introduce dark green hues into a room. From going all-out with lush green carpet (as seen here) or toning it down with light wooden floors and brown or tan accents. In this bedroom features a muted, dark green carpet which goes well with the soft floral bedding as well as natural accents such as pampas grass on its round rattan nightstand.

Green walls create a cozy yet refined environment in this living room, complementing plush sofas and the wood mantel of a fireplace beautifully. Sconce lighting in one corner adds drama, emphasizing its dark green tones in paint.

Darker green can also add vibrancy and depth to a dining room, but care should be taken not to overpower the room with it. Wood-topped tables paired with intricate detailing on chairs look stunning, yet other furniture should remain minimal so as not to distract from its main feature: greenery walls.

Dark green in a bathroom is an effective and simple way to bring freshness, coolness, and cleanliness to any space. Designer Ryann Miller employed Farrow & Ball’s ‘Field Trip’ hue as an elegant backdrop for the floating vanity and colorful wall art pieces in this bathroom – while keeping most other parts white for a peaceful atmosphere ideal for relaxing after an exhausting day.

If you’re concerned about the moody effects of a dark green room, try adding subtle accents with throw pillows and blankets. In this bedroom, green accents in striped linens and wood headboard provide a subdued nod to its hue without overwhelming the space.

Mixing design styles is a classic decorating strategy that often works. Here, the green walls in this bedroom pair with an eclectic ’70s floral-printed quilt and modern sconces to create an exciting, balanced space. Dark green also blends nicely with oaky accessories and bohemian touches like fringe rugs and macrame plant hangers to give this space its signature eclectic charm.

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