How to Create a Dark Green Room

Dark green rooms can be both striking and soothing, depending on how you approach it. To start off with, try painting an accent wall or door in this hue to see the results before gradually increasing its usage throughout your decor. Dark green hues pair particularly well with botanical prints currently popular as well as warm golden tones or earthy wood elements for maximum impact.

Dark green can easily be added to a room through paint; however, if that’s too daunting of a task for you, try decorating with dark green accessories instead. Throws and cushions provide a simple and cost-effective way of adding this hue, and can also coordinate well with decorative items such as vases, ornaments or candles that feature this hue.

Introduce the color green through rugs or curtains. A rich emerald or forest green rug would look lovely with dark wood furniture, while an entryway or bedroom could benefit from an accent rug in similar tones of green woven from wool yarns.

Dark green walls often combine millwork or paneling for texture and depth in any room, creating luxurious yet comfortable cabin-chic cabin vibes with velvet pillows, sheets, plants and woven runners for texture. To keep things light or brighter and avoid feeling too heavy on the eyes contrast the walls with brass or gold decor or light wooden furnishings.

If you prefer something lighter, forest or sage green hues could be just what the doctor ordered. They provide a soothing atmosphere, pairing nicely with white bedding. Or consider opting for lighter patterns for your wallpaper that still adds visual interest in this way.

Try going all-out moody with a dark green bedroom. Designer Tracey Hairston created an unforgettable space in her granddaughter’s room by filling it with bohemian decor and flower throw pillows to create an eye-catching bedroom space that exudes playful fun.

Dark green cabinets add warmth and rustic charm to a craftsman-style kitchen while making a bold statement when combined with black or brass hardware, appliances and lighting fixtures. Their dark hue can also stand out when juxtaposed against pale countertops, white tile backsplashes or even boldly patterned wallpaper.

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