How Bespoke Joinery Can Refresh Your Interiors

No matter the space within your home or workplace that needs enhancing, or you want something specific done with it – custom joinery could be just what is needed. Working with an expert joiner on designing will allow you to utilize every square inch available – turning otherwise unusable areas into something truly exceptional and eye-catching.

Choose from an extensive range of materials, cabinet styles, colors and finishes, door handles and other details to craft an individualized piece of furniture or storage solution that’s perfectly you. Your timber selection can also have a significant effect on both aesthetics and durability; so carefully consider it before starting work on your project!

Solid wood has an elegant, classic appearance that’s popular with clients, while MDF or veneer may be better options depending on its exposure to moisture.

Design of your custom storage solution is another essential factor, taking into account its functionality for the items being stored within. Hanging rails, shelving and drawers must all be at an acceptable height for their intended users and should not be too deep; also be sure that there’s sufficient storage capacity in each compartment or drawer for all items you intend to keep stored there.

Once your design has been approved by your bespoke joiner, the production stage begins. Your designer will present you with a draft of the finished item and take any feedback into account to refine or make necessary changes before starting production on it. When approved, your joiner can begin turning your plans into reality and you should receive your finished product within a reasonable amount of time.

Bespoke joinery can be an ideal way to transform the interiors and maximize available space in both your home or workplace. Working with an experienced joiner will bring your vision to life while creating storage solutions that not only look stunning but fit perfectly as well. So if you’re ready to transform your living or working space, why not speak to one of our member joiners today? They can advise on the best solutions tailored specifically to you needs – you might just be amazed at what can be accomplished! To reach them directly visit our membership directory while email or call our head office team directly.

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