Golden Dream Boxwood

Boxwood (Buxus) shrubs are timeless additions to both formal and natural garden designs, being easy to grow and care for while adding structure and variety. Golden dream boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘Golden Dream’) adds another dimension with its golden yellow-edged leaves – ideal for creating low hedges, foundation plantings or serving as an accent plant in any landscape – whilst deer-resistent!

“Golden Dream” boxwood stands out against darker green background plants and provides a striking contrast in any landscape. Its vibrant golden yellow hue stands out across all seasons, creating year-round color in any garden setting. While other variegated varieties may revert back to solid green in summer or winter months, ‘Golden Dream’ remains vibrant through summer and winter months without losing its vibrant hues. In addition, unlike its variegated counterparts which may become susceptible to boxwood blight infection, ‘Golden Dream’ is disease and pest resistant making it an excellent choice in environments where fungal infection has become problematic – perfect if fungal infection has become problematic!

Though there is no known cure for boxwood blight, there are ways to mitigate and lessen its impact in gardens. These include amending the soil with organic matter, limiting overwatering and using mulching as a moisture conservation measure. In addition, gardeners should choose cultivars known for being resistant and select locations which do not receive direct sunlight for maximum success.

Boxwoods are highly adaptable plants that thrive in both sunny and shady areas of your landscape. Their versatility extends beyond being planted as hedging to separate garden rooms or define property lines; topiary designs or planted as mixed garden beds/borders for texture, color contrast with other plants – they even make excellent specimens to use as fence edging against windy environments! Known for its round compact form that makes this species suitable for curving fences/structures etc.

Like other boxwood varieties, ‘Golden Dream’ is drought-tolerant once established, although slightly cooler soil temperatures and an ample layer of mulch provide better winter protection. Pruning should be carried out regularly to promote denser growth, keep shrubs compact and in shape, prevent overgrowth, and promote denser branching; optimal results are seen if this activity takes place late winter or early spring before the shrubs begin growing back again.

Golden Dream boxwood is an ideal cultivar for use in both formal and natural garden designs, lending itself well to both formal and natural settings. Its attractiveness lies in combining it with taller plants like ‘Brighton White’ ivy or Golden Tip Japanese boxwood (Buxus microphylla var. japonica), which thrives under shade conditions better than common English boxwood; planting zones 5-7 is recommended. Furthermore, its superior resistance to diseases makes ‘Golden Dream’ an attractive landscape feature while offering more uniform appearance compared with common boxwood varieties used traditionally in landscape designs.

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