Front Door Trends 2023

As your main entryway, the front door plays many functions for your home: security enhancement, setting a mood for the home and creating first impressions. While many homeowners opt for traditional designs, more are opting for bright and daring hues to make an impressionful statement and unique materials and accessories to give their home its own distinctive appearance. So whether it is new door installation in South Jersey or just refreshing existing one; here are 2023 front door trends which might just provide inspiration!

Color is a key trend this year for front door decor, and saturated hues are taking center stage. Their vibrant pigments draw the eye inward while infusing warmth and energy into any home’s exterior space. Saturated doors work equally well on light houses as dark homes; their vibrant pigments capturing both attention and creating energy-boosting atmospheres. With deep blues to earthy greens available for these doors, these hues can help you create an eye-catching focal point on the outside of your house.

Black doors offer another timeless choice that pairs beautifully with various exterior shades, such as highlighting white homes or accenting sage green or navy blue exteriors, standing out against barn red facades, or creating contrast in wood-clad houses or adding sophistication against gray exteriors.

If you prefer more subtle touches, glass elements can add subtle beauty and sophistication. From door inserts to full-height doors with custom window options, these windows allow natural light to fill the room while offering privacy or adding texture – and new trends include metal-framed glazing as a fashionable alternative.

Some homeowners are opting out of traditional front doors altogether and opting for double doors or wider entryways instead. This gives their home an eye-catching aesthetic while creating more functional space for moving items in and out of their house or hosting guests.

When selecting a front door, durability and security should be of primary concern. While you might be tempted to choose something inexpensive, investing in something long-lasting may often prove more worthwhile in terms of both cost and aesthetics. A steel or fiberglass door are both durable options which can resist dent and scratch marks while still offering aesthetic options; you could also upgrade with smart locks and cameras which will increase security as well as allow remote monitoring/control of your home from one convenient place.

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