Front Door Trends 2023

Your front door plays an essential role in protecting and securing your home while also making a personal statement about you. With this in mind, homeowners are increasingly opting for bolder options ranging from vibrant hues and unique shapes for their entryway fixtures – along with more materials being made available.

One of the major trends in front door design for 2023 was incorporating glass elements into its door itself, creating a brighter and more welcoming space while adding natural light into your home. You can add glass elements in various ways: sidelights, transoms or full glass doors are all suitable options to add brightness. This trend should likely continue into 2024 as it offers a great way to modernize older homes or add flair and individuality into new construction homes.

Twenty23’s trendiest front door trend is going big and bold. No longer are people opting for cramped entryways with narrow door measurements; now homeowners prefer double or oversized single doors that create spacious entryways while also creating an eye-catching unique entranceway for their home. This trend is especially prevalent among new construction homes where homeowners want a grand entrance that sets themselves apart from competitors.

Neutral hues remain popular with homeowners, yet bolder colors are becoming increasingly popular for front door paint schemes. Deep blues, greens and yellows have seen increased adoption as people search for unique hues that speak to them personally and stand out. Not only are these vibrant colors eye-catching; they also create an energetic welcoming experience for guests who visit.

Material selection for doors is also an important aspect for homeowners when making their decision. While wooden is still the classic choice, many homeowners today are opting for fiberglass and steel due to their durability and low maintenance needs. Steel doors also make an ideal option in cold climates as they can be insulated to prevent infiltration of unwanted air or moisture into their homes.

Alongside these classic choices, many homeowners are also opting for door hardware with intricate geometric and textural patterns such as levers, knobs and knockers crafted of brushed metal or champagne bronze finishes to add sophisticated and timeless elements to their doorway and dazzle any visitors who enter. These accents create an eye-catching statement and will undoubtedly impress any visitors that enter.

Although doors may seem like the last piece to update on an exterior property, they’re an effective way of making an instant statement and improving its aesthetics. By considering some of these front door trends, homeowners can find the ideal fit for their home and increase its curb appeal with just a simple refresh.

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