Front Door Trends 2023

Your front door is an integral part of the aesthetics and functionality of your home, as it serves as one of the primary points of entryway. Though many homeowners avoid investing in new front door installations due to fear that any changes won’t pay off, upgrading its look can have a major effect on curb appeal and mood – and we have collected the most popular 2023 trends here!

Upgrade Your Front Door’s Color

One easy and effective way to breathe new life into any entranceway is upgrading its color. A vibrant hue can instantly increase kerb appeal and leave visitors with an impressive first impression, and with many materials and colors available you are sure to find a suitable match for the style of your home.

An eye-catching statement can be made through using vibrant hues in your Orange County home. Many homeowners have begun adopting vibrant hues that reflect their personalities and energy, like vibrant blue and green shades that evoke feelings of positivity while simultaneously adding beauty.

For those who prefer more subdued designs, a cool shade of blue can make an excellent statement. Blue’s association with sky and water helps reduce energy costs by letting in more natural light while its calmness and serenity provide welcome respite from busy day-to-day demands of life.

Alternatively, for something bolder and eye-catching, opt for an eye-catching hue like red. Red has long been associated with courage and determination – perfect for creating an entrance that stands out in any neighborhood!

Integrating natural wood elements is another popular front door trend that adds a warm and welcoming aesthetic to your entranceway. However, this project will likely involve more work than simply replacing your current door as it requires altering its structure.

Attracting smart technology into your home design should be another front door trend worth keeping an eye out for. More and more homeowners are opting for smart locks that enable them to unlock their doors with just a tap on their smartphone instead of traditional key chains, saving on storage space for traditional keychains. These innovative locks come in various styles such as touchscreens that remove keyholes completely or sleek and minimal options designed to blend in with home decor seamlessly.

Security should always remain your number one concern when choosing a front door design for your home’s entryway. Before investing in any upgrade project, always discuss security features with your contractor and address any concerns they might raise about any particular door upgrade option.

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