Finding a Coffee Maker With No Plastic

Environmental concerns over plastic are driving more manufacturers away from its use in products like coffee makers. Going plastic-free not only reduces environmental waste but also keeps toxic chemicals out of our beverage! Plastic can release hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA and phthalates that can negatively impact our endocrine systems by acting like estrogen-like estrogenic compounds that wreak havoc with natural hormonal balance within our bodies – potentially leading to obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, reproductive problems or even cancer!

What should you do if you’re an avid coffee enthusiast? No need to sacrifice your daily brew for the environment! Luckily, there are numerous plastic free coffee makers on the market which still deliver delicious coffee beverages – the key is finding one with metal components and glass or ceramic parts rather than plastic components – it might not be 100% plastic free but these coffeemakers come close!

Non-toxic coffeemakers not only improve our planet but also make it easier to enjoy an aromatic cup of Joe. Not only are they good for our climate change efforts but these alternatives also produce tasty coffee while making you feel good!

Pour-over or French press coffee makers offer quick solutions for instantaneous cups of joe. Both machines utilize heatproof glass or stainless steel to brew your beverage, with advantages over traditional drip coffee makers: You have control of how much water goes into your grounds, how long they steep for, and even whether or not finer particles such as table salt-sized grinds need more steep time before yielding stronger, more potency brews.

For something with more automation, try a coffee percolator or automatic drip machine. While not as fast as French presses or pour-over machines, these automated solutions still produce hot coffee quickly with minimal effort required from you. Plus, being made out of stainless steel means they are typically more durable than their non-toxic counterparts!

The Chemex is an elegant plastic-free coffee maker. With its glass carafe and wooden collar creating an appealing, eco-friendly appearance and providing rich, smooth coffee flavor extraction thanks to the patented design allowing a perfect flow of water that ensures optimal extraction temperatures; plus its glass is BPA free so no plastic-y tastes will remain!

SMEG is another company who takes sustainability into consideration when they design their products. By choosing recyclable materials and exceeding EU RoHS and REACH directives, they prioritize using stainless steel, glass and reusable coffee filters; their efficient brew cycle features an “ECO” mode to reduce energy use when not brewing coffee.

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