Farmhouse Shiplap Walls

Farmhouse shiplap walls have become an instantaneous hit on home design blogs and HGTV shows alike, adding instant charm to any room with texture, pattern and rustic warmth – perfect for modern, country or cottage decor styles alike!

If you’re renovating your home and uncertain whether shiplap is right for you, begin with one accent wall or half wall to see how you like it before moving forward with full shiplap walls in each room. If it turns out well, full shiplap walls could soon follow! Shiplap can also be used as a backsplash in the kitchen, ceiling or floor! However, it’s important to keep in mind some key factors when working with this material: for instance, shiplap must be properly sealed to protect it against moisture intrusion. For best results when installing shiplap in bathrooms and other high moisture environments, professional installation should probably be sought out. Second, thick shiplap material may feel overwhelming in small spaces; for this reason it should only be used on smaller surfaces like backsplashes or accent walls if you plan to keep its footprint small and allow plenty of natural light in. Choosing lighter hues will keep things from feeling congested in these smaller surfaces.

If you want a bolder effect, consider opting for darker-hued shiplap. Darker hues will produce an eye-catching contrast; however, care must be taken not to overpower the room; for instance a forest green shiplap wall from House of Hood goes well with pastel pink or white hues.

Shiplap can make an effective addition to any living or family room without going too overboard with its rustic charm – and is an easy DIY project that can save a significant amount of money!

Modernizing the farmhouse look, this TV wall features full shiplap around a gas firebox to give it an elegant vibe. Light wood trim adds texture and contrast against solid white walls while emphasizing moldings and details in this exquisite space.

Wood trim was previously only found outdoors as part of exterior soffits and porches; now this beautiful material is making its way indoors, becoming an eye-catching decorative accent for home remodels in Brookfield and Hartland. Crafted from weathered wood with its rustic charm, this style of trim matches well with other farmhouse accents such as furniture pieces, window treatments and light fixtures for home remodels in Brookfield and Hartland.

If you’re in need of an inexpensive yet easy interior makeover, adding a shiplap accent wall may be just what’s needed to rejuvenate it. Not only is the material budget-friendly, but you can easily paint it to match existing decor as well as do it yourself with just some guidance from drivenbydecor experts.

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