Farmhouse Shiplap Walls

Farmhouse shiplap walls have become a trendy trend among homeowners, providing a timeless material suitable for modern farmhouse and coastal beach styles alike. Rustic wood paneling adds texture, pattern, and visual interest to any room; running vertically or horizontally it works great as an accent wall, wainscoting, or all along walls (and ceilings) of an interior or exterior surface.

Shiplap is an iconic look that can easily be made modernized or updated using paint or stain, while pairing well with other materials such as tile or quartz countertops for an eye-catching combination of textures and finishes.

Shiplap wood paneling has become a hot trend ever since Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” introduced it to homebuyers during her debut season of the show in 2013 when it appeared in the infamous ‘Catastrophe House. Soon thereafter, Gaines became widely known as Queen of Shiplap and it has quickly become one of the most desired renovation materials available today.

Shiplap not only adds style, but can also serve as an insulation and trim option in your home, when installed correctly it provides durability and cost-efficiency in its use. Particularly ideal for damp environments like bathrooms or kitchens where moisture levels may rise quickly. Furthermore, its textural qualities lend texture and interest to rooms featuring smooth surfaces like painted or glossy wood surfaces – adding both modern and rustic furniture pieces nicely!

Do not be alarmed at the thought of installing shiplap, as it’s easier than you might think! Pre-made shiplap sheets can be purchased from home improvement stores and professionally installed; or you could craft your own using plywood boards made by Jenna Kate at Home and Lowe’s to make 8 inch planks for her wall project. This tutorial from Jenna Kate at Home shows how she created her wall using pre-cut plywood sheets with 8 inch planks cut to size by Lowe’s.

Farmhouse shiplap walls can add warmth and character to the dining, living, laundry and kitchen spaces alike. Not just limited to bedrooms and baths, farmhouse shiplap walls make a statement wherever they’re installed: dining rooms, living rooms, laundry rooms and even the kitchen can benefit from farmhouse shiplap walls! Perfect as an accent wall, backsplash or even cover the bottom of range hood (although this requires water-tight materials and professional installation), farmhouse shiplap works wonders in creating stunning headboards or as part of an accent wall; barn door transformation or even as part of cladding all four walls of pantrys! When created from special water-tight materials designed by professionals installed professionally it even works great as part of an accent wall!

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