Curtain Size Calculator

Selecting the ideal window curtains to achieve a desirable aesthetic. Curtain width has an impactful role in light control, privacy protection, insulation and room balance – as well as how well your drapes hang. Our curtain size calculator UK makes measuring windows accurate easy while helping you select fabric suitable for your home environment.

To use our online curtain size calculator, enter the overall length from the top of your window trim to where you would like your drapes to hang, whether on the sill or floor. In addition, select vertical repeat of fabric you will use; our calculator will calculate how much fabric will be necessary based on this criteria.

As a rule of thumb, when measuring windows it’s advisable to double their width relative to their height for optimal results when closing curtains. If this is not an option for you, consider measuring 1.5 times wider as an alternative approach.

Fabric selection will determine how fullness your curtains have. Sheer fabrics require lower Fullness Factor values while heavier velvet ones might require higher ones. By default, the calculator will select a standard fullness factor; however, you can modify this value via Calculator Settings if desired.

Your curtain fabric needs will depend on whether or not it has lining and interlining; using our calculator, we will estimate how much fabric is necessary.

Once you know the total length you require, divide that figure by the number of panels you wish to order and you will have your fabric width requirements per panel. To create a center split by multiplying measurements by 2, multiply your measurement by 2.

This calculator is designed to reflect the methods of making curtains found in our online tutorials, but does not account for heading and hem allowances; these must be added onto your overall pole/track length figure before proceeding.

If you are hanging curtains from a track or rod, take measurements from the edge of your curtain trim directly onto the rod/track rather than from their window frame. This will ensure that when opening them they cover the full window area while providing optimal light control and privacy control.

For curtain rods with rings/clips, measurements will need to start from the base of each clip up until your desired rod height. Alternatively, hang your curtains higher than your window frame for more dramatic effect and an extended ceiling height that visually expands your room.

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