Curtain Size Calculator

Curtains can add elegance and style to a window in an instant. By framing windows wider, curtains create the illusion of more height. However, for optimal results it’s essential that when making curtains they know exactly how wide to construct them at each step – this applies both when covering an entire window as well as just framing one. A curtain size calculator will assist with finding out the appropriate width of draperies.

Step one in determining the width of curtains is taking measurements of your window from one outer edge of its frame to the other, then noting this number. Once this step is completed, find the width of your desired rod based on whether or not you plan on placing it above or below trim – for placement below trim, add 3-5 inches (7.6-12.9 cm) both ways on either side of this measurement; otherwise add 6 inches (15.2 cm).

Once you know your ideal width for curtains, it is time to decide the fullness you desire. This may depend on both the fabric used and personal taste – general guidelines suggest 2 to 2.5 times wider curtains would do as some prefer fuller looks.

Our calculator is designed to assist with making curtains using the allowances provided in our online tutorials, without taking into account ease or overlap when calculating width. Therefore, if you want to ensure they fit properly please refer to these guides for detailed explanations.

When using our curtain size calculator, enter the width of your window (measured from its outer edges of frame) into the width field and choose your fullness ratio before clicking “Calculate.”

Calculation will yield the number of panels required for your window, with the calculator automatically rounding off fabric width requirements to the nearest whole number for more accurate results. You may opt to decrease this figure if this works better with your project.

Finalizing the length of your curtains requires using a steel tape measure (which is more accurate than fabric versions) and keeping a record of measurements. Depending on what style of curtain you select, an allowance for hem allowance or an extra inch or two may need to be taken into account to accommodate rod height and how they will be used.

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