Country Wallpaper – 5 Key Colours For Country Style Wallpaper

Country wallpaper brings old-world charm into any interior and makes your home welcoming. Whether you want to transform a rustic cottage into an inviting haven or simply envision roses around the door, country wallpaper offers plenty of design ideas that can bring this look alive in every room of the house – from muted plain colors and imitation wood textures, floral and baroque ornaments or combinations thereof, country wallpaper’s versatility means its results are entirely personal.

Wallpapers designed in this style tend to bring nature inside, from barnyard animals and idyllic landscapes. Country wallpapers may also reflect its history by showing flaking layers of paint or rust stains on stones – a trend popular with country homes known as Shabby Chic style.

Country design emphasizes natural materials like wood. There are many designs to achieve this look, ranging from wood-look wallpapers to stone and terracotta wallpapers; wood-look wallpapers offer the ability to achieve this rustic aesthetic with very little effort; additionally, this style requires little to no maintenance, making it a fantastic option for busy lifestyles.

Green is an essential hue in country design, symbolizing life and growth. This earthy shade works beautifully alongside other natural tones like brown or tan hues for creating a timeless aesthetic.

Pink is an extremely feminine hue, often symbolizing romance, emotions and love. A more subdued version of its energetic sister red, pink is perfect for romantic country designs; pairing well with white or cream. Furthermore, its combination with blue makes for an interesting country aesthetic!

For an added flair in your country-style decor, use mural or frieze designs as accent pieces. They create an air of grandeur reminiscent of those found in grand country house interiors of yesteryear.

Wallpaper with a rustic appearance is an easy and effective way to achieve country styling, especially when combined with wood or unbleached linen. In the kitchen, for instance, pairing brick-textured or rustic plaster wallpaper with wooden furniture and painted cabinet ideas in green hues for an impressive effect.

Rustic wallpaper can also be an effective choice for decorating ceilings. It provides an easy and quick way to bring authentic country house style into any space while leaving walls free for furniture and artworks. For an added dramatic or weathered touch, consider using textured or stone wallpaper on the ceiling instead.

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