Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Taupe is a versatile neutral shade that can range from warm to cool depending on its undertones, making it one of the more difficult colors to define. Some may confuse taupe with brown or gray; other mistake it for beige; yet still others see greige or even beige in it! Due to this mystery surrounding taupe’s identity and how it mixes with other hues, choosing the appropriate taupe shade for your space can be tricky business. To understand its subtleties properly and find one best suited to you can be difficult.

Taupe paint colors offer a range of shades to fit into any room in your home, whether that means earth tones or rich hues like Smoke & Ash by Dunn Edwards Paints. “This shade brings warmth into a modern design scheme,” according to interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe, and is also ideal for pairing with brass accents or natural wood details.

Sarah Fishburne suggests using Baby Fawn by Benjamin Moore for an interior designer-approved light taupe paint color option, according to interior designer. Fishburne says Baby Fawn makes for a good way to enliven any room while not completely committing to gray shades such as Steel Gray or Pitch Gray; its creamy hue pairs nicely with most furnishings while reading warm enough when paired with wood or brick elements.

Interior designer John Mochelle of Mochelle Interior Design believes a dark taupe paint shade works beautifully in dining rooms, especially ones featuring lighter furniture or accessories that pop. “Taupe walls really let lighter furnishings and accessories take center stage,” according to him. He used Weimaraner by Benjamin Moore in his living room as this warm taupe hue pairs well with both dark and light furniture pieces.

Taupe can come in lighter shades than expected, which may be ideal for those seeking a light neutral but concerned that white may be too stark. Erika Woelfel of color experts says taupe gray “is an ideal compromise; not quite as bright as white but still offering an air of calm”.

This neutral is one of the most versatile paint choices you can buy; its ability to coordinate with any hue in your home – from deep navy blue to light blush pink – makes it one of the go-to choices for decorating projects in every room of your house.

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that taupe gray works beautifully with several wood tones, from warm walnut to golden mahogany. It makes an excellent alternative to the trendy weathered and reclaimed finishes which tend to end up on the “shabby chic repaint pile” within five or 10 years.

Taupe paint colors make an excellent addition to a bedroom, as they pair well with cooler blues and greens. Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray family is especially popular among designers because it provides a neutral backdrop that works beautifully when combined with floral prints or other light patterns.

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