Choosing Countertops For White Cabinets

White cabinets make an eye-catching focal point in any kitchen when combined with the appropriate materials, so countertops for these cabinet can add visual interest and make an impressive statement about its own beauty. There are countless possibilities when selecting countertops for white cabinets; here are some key considerations when selecting an ideal surface that complements them perfectly.

No matter whether your cabinet color is eggshell, cream, or vanilla, finding an ideal countertop material that combines durability and beauty is of the utmost importance. There are various choices of countertops suitable for white cabinets such as natural stone, quartzite and concrete; each offering their own distinctive features to the room.

White countertops make an excellent addition to any kitchen, as they accentuate the light color of cabinets and can help your space seem larger and brighter. One popular white quartz option for countertops is Vena Pure White quartz; this modern choice is both visually stunning and highly durable – resisting both stains and scratches better than most other types of surface materials.

Natural marble countertops are another timeless classic that look beautiful with any cabinet style, and you can find marbles of different shades and lighter or darker than the classic creamy hue. White Danby marble features stunning small amounts of black veining that add character and charm, while Calacatta Borghini marble has dark gray streaks scattered throughout its white background. For something less costly yet still giving off that luxurious marble look, light-colored granite such as Brittanica by Cambria might also work – this popular granite features subtle contrast through ash colored speckles and charcoal flecks – giving it that classic white backdrop look!

If you prefer darker countertops over lighter options, Imperial Coffee granite provides a striking contrast against its light counterparts. With rich, earthy tones that pair perfectly with white cabinets and complement most any style. There are also dark quartz options such as 6684 Caldera with beige and brown coloring – ideal for pairing with white cabinetry.

Corian countertops provide an elegant solution for neutral-toned countertops that complement white cabinets perfectly, thanks to its versatile range of colors, styles and patterns that complement every type of white cabinetry. A tan Corian countertop with marbled patterns looks very fashionable while offering warm contrast against your white cabinetry.

Add rustic and natural appeal to your kitchen by opting for wooden countertops that add character. White cabinets go beautifully with various varieties of wood countertops – natural oak and maple can pair nicely, as can hickory or walnut. Reclaimed wooden counters sourced from old barns or homes give your kitchen an unique appearance that sets itself apart.

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