Carrie Underwood’s Greenhouse

Carrie Underwood enjoys sharing a stunning property with her family in Franklin, Tennessee. There she cultivates her own fruits and veggies on her 400-acre estate while keeping chickens that provide fresh eggs on a daily basis – her charming chicken coop looks like an adorable mini house! Recently Epic Gardening provided Carrie assistance in outfitting her greenhouse by helping lay out beds and planting seeds.

She has long had an affinity for gardening, as well as supporting local produce purchases from farmers markets or farm stands instead of supermarkets because the latter can often taste fresher. Indeed, one song on her album called “Garden” bears testimony to this passion of hers – so no surprise she would want to ensure her own plants thrive as well!

Underwood has long been known to enjoy cooking with her family. In fact, she even released a cookbook called Cravings: Recipes for Every Meal of the Day. Thus it comes as no surprise that she would possess an exquisite kitchen to work in; her country kitchen boasts rustic elements and chef-grade appliances along with a spacious island that makes entertaining easier than ever!

Carrie’s kitchen is filled with features we admire, including her incredible chicken coop. Beautifully painted white with real windows and shingled roof, Carrie has also included an outdoor run for her chickens to roam freely in. Additionally, there is also a cupola to protect it from predators so the flock of birds remains safe and content within this cozy enclosure.

Underwood managed to squeeze in some gigs over the weekend – including an intimate stadium show with Willie Nelson – but still found time to play in her garden and property not far from Nashville. She showed Epic Gardening her space outside the greenhouse that included a chicken coop featuring an unwitting rooster; experts then helped lay out beds and plant herb seeds into seed starter trays.

Yesterday (October 20), Underwood played to a full house in Lexington, Kentucky as part of her Denim & Rhinestones tour. The country singer opened with her hit songs “Cry Pretty” and “Temporary Home”, then brought all-female duos Runaway June and Maddie and Tae onto the stage to provide an all-female set list with numerous female country songs.

Underwood closed her set with “Before You Go.” This tender showpiece provides a refreshing break from her more upbeat hits and allows her to showcase her vocal nuance; no wonder it has received positive feedback from fans. In the upcoming CMA Awards, Underwood is competing alongside commercial giant Garth Brooks, soulful troubadour Chris Stapleton and consistent singer/songwriter Keith Urban for entertainer of the year honors as well as female vocalist of the year and album of the year for 2015 hit Storyteller.

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