Carrie Underwood Repurposes Her Chicken Coop With Help From Garden Experts

Carrie Underwood is no stranger to getting her hands dirty when it comes to gardening at her home near Nashville; in fact, her latest album features a song dedicated to gardening! While she has been extremely busy recently with her sold-out Denim and Rhinestones Tour, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been hard at work at home; last week alone she shared a video showing off her chicken coop that has been enhanced thanks to garden experts.

Underwood’s backyard is full of features that make it seem like a fantasy land, including a treehouse for her sons Isaiah (8), Jacob (4) and an epic greenhouse that specializes in tomatoes and other fruits and veggies. Her family also boasts an orchard full of apples, peaches and other fruit trees – the ultimate dreamscape!

The family coop provides the ideal place for them to grow their own food. It provides plenty of room for a small herd of chickens, while keeping predators away and creating a healthy environment for the birds. Surrounded by lush greenery, the coop also features roosting area, feeder and waterer as well as an outdoor door so singer can easily retrieve eggs for his or her consumption.

As Underwood and her garden experts work on the planters and pots, they discuss some of their gardening goals. Underwood’s main objective is to grow enough produce so she no longer needs to visit a grocery store for her food needs; she also wants her two young sons to see an example set by someone their age.

Garden experts were pleased with how well Carrie had transformed the coop into her garden shed. Now full of arugula, chives, squashes, and tomato plants starting to sprout, Carrie and her sons alike were overjoyed – she even captioned a photo of it “This is my happy place!”

If you want to grow your own food, check out this helpful guide from Better Homes and Gardens. Follow along with Underwood and his gardeners as they recreated the process in their video for you to replicate the process at home – sure to be an educational yet fun activity that teaches hard work but rewards with delicious produce straight from your backyard! Enjoy!

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