Carrie Underwood Grows Her Own Fruits and Vegetables in Her New Greenhouse

Carrie Underwood enjoys gardening as one of her hobbies when not traveling for tours or recording new music, with a beautiful garden on her property in Nashville a short drive away. Recently she shared a video showcasing some of the produce grown there — it looks delectable!

Epic Gardening recently assisted Underwood, 38, in building her greenhouse on her property. Through a YouTube video she showcases this impressive addition to her 400-acre estate near Franklin, Tennessee and shows viewers how she uses this space to grow fresh produce such as tomatoes and strawberries herself! Clearly she and their team had great fun collaborating on this exciting endeavor!

While touring for her latest album Cry Pretty, singer Pink made sure to enjoy her gardens and property. Last night (10/30), she posted photos on her Instagram Stories showing off some seasonal cooking as well as showing her sons Isiah and Jacob carving pumpkins.

Underwood is an avid gardener, and she loves sharing photos of her efforts with fans. On her XOXO Tour she even had an elaborate vegetable garden she regularly posted photos from.

Former American Idol champion Carrie Underwood wants to grow enough produce of her own so she doesn’t have to purchase it from stores, as well as serving it to friends and family, since its flavor surpasses anything available at retail locations.

Carrie has recently been seen doing many exciting and engaging things on her property, from snow skiing with Mike Fisher and their two young sons to enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, baking desserts, shopping online, and making cameo appearances in Netflix’s Cobra Kai series! Fans have witnessed these activities with excitement!

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