Carpet Styles For 2023

Carpets serve many functions in the home. From creating a comfortable space to exuding elegance and glamour, carpets make an impactful statement about who lives there. As sustainable materials become increasingly desirable, the 2023 trends for carpets present an opportunity to combine style with functionality in one unique flooring covering.

Carpet styles provide homeowners with an opportunity to express themselves creatively through flooring design. By adding personal artwork or company logos into the carpet’s design or selecting unique color and pattern choices that reflect their personalities, these year’s carpet trends 2023 offer homeowners a fun way to elevate the floors in their home.

Color blocking is an enduring trend in interior design, and with the right palette it can work wonders on carpets too. From vibrant teal to soft blush pinks, this year’s colors are on trend for those who love rug collections that add pops of color into their living spaces.

If the thought of splashing color makes you queasy, there are plenty of neutral options available to you as an alternative. Earth tones and natural shades have gained prominence this year with warm browns, soothing moss greens, and calm sky blues gracing the carpet trend forecast 2023. These soothing hues offer an easy way to incorporate biophilic design trends and bring nature in!

Carpets with subtle textures may not be as eye-catching, but they make an excellent way to add luxury and sophistication to the rooms they grace. A trend that has grown steadily over the last several seasons, luxurious feel carpets bring tactile dimension into each space they grace from woven textures to hand-knotted options – the rich fabrics elevate any room!

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