Carpet Styles For 2023

Carpets add texture and comfort to any space, adding both style and warmth. No matter the style you’re after – bright hues or vibrant patterns – our 2023 collection will help create a space that is both stylish and welcoming.

Natural fibre carpets such as sisal, jute and seagrass have received increased recognition this year due to their hardwearing nature and natural beauty, making them the ideal choice for carpet flooring. If you choose one made with these materials you can layer rugs for additional style and softness – not to mention how versatile these types of materials can be used across rooms with various decor tones!

Earthy tones offer an elegant and sophisticated style; beige, brown, and even rust hues are increasingly becoming trendy this year due to their compatibility with today’s paint colors and furniture trends, as well as providing you with opportunities to play with more striking carpet patterns like coco’s chunky weave or Henny’s dual tone designs. Whatever you prefer in terms of hues for earthy tones – there’s sure to be one suitable for every home!

2023 carpet trends center around mixing textures and shapes to make an artistic statement. Designs range from woven, looped and knotted carpets, tufted designs and even carving. Additionally, multiple patterns can be layered together for a truly distinctive and individual appearance.

Carpeting trends that have taken the world by storm include wall-to-wall carpet in vibrant hues. Once associated with grandpa chic or millennial pink decor, these bold burgundy and heritage red hues now pair perfectly with contemporary furniture to give homes an inviting aesthetic.

Nostalgia is making a comeback this year and this can be seen through the popularity of vintage-inspired carpet patterns. From faded floral motifs, classic medallions or tartans – vintage-inspired carpet designs can bring an air of heritage and sophistication into any room, pair them with neutral tones for an aesthetic that balances out.

Carpets have become an excellent way of adding bold color and texture to the home, while simultaneously creating an eye-catching feature wall. This trend works particularly well in bedrooms and living areas, offering an alternative solution to painting or wallpapering feature walls. Plus, their tactile qualities add interest and warmth that will surely set your home apart from others!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners are searching for eco-friendly floor coverings to reduce their environmental impact. Carpet and rugs offer one sustainable option to do just that by helping reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission into the air.

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