Buying Boucle Fabric by the Yard

Boucle Fabric by the Yard

Any time you embark on a home decor project, textiles become an obsessive source of fascination. Whether it be searching for stain-resistant sofa fabric or finding one to withstand pet claws on pillows and sofas, exploring our favorite textiles’ textures, weaves, and raw materials is truly captivating.

Boucle has seen a resurgence as a fabric choice recently. Its dense and nubby texture are great for adding warmth and texture to a room, and are particularly popular across home styles from sleek modern to boho-inspired, as it often used to upholster accent chairs. Boucle, from French for “curled,” can be made of wool, silk or synthetic fibers such as polyester. Distinguished by thick loops with nubby textures somewhere between fluffiness of sherpa fleece and natural marled linen fabric textures.

While boucle is often associated with neutral colors, it comes in shades of blue, green, grey and pale pink as well. Due to its warm nature and versatility when mixed with elements such as leather or velvet it creates the ideal atmosphere in living rooms while remaining sophisticated when added as part of a sophisticated living space.

With such an undulated texture, boucle is more susceptible to scratch marks than other fabrics. When choosing lighter-colored boucle, stain protection or spot cleaner are recommended as preventive measures against potential scratches from pets or children; train them not to scratch furniture (or anything else!) in the space so the fabric doesn’t become damaged quickly.

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