Buying Boucle Fabric by the Yard

Textiles may not be at the forefront of people’s minds often; we may think about fabrics when purchasing stain-resistant sofas and fade-proof curtains, but their composition often remains mysterious. If you have ever taken on a large home project or hired an interior designer, however, chances are boucle is making its return into furniture design and fashion.

Boucle (from French for “to curl”) is a nubby fabric woven from yarn. The process of weaving produces tiny loops in its surface that give this piece its cozy appearance and feel. While traditionally it was produced using wool yarns, modern synthetic versions now exist that look almost exactly the same as their natural counterparts.

Melinda Marquardt, co-founder of The Vale London, attributes boucle’s rise to its texture. According to Melinda, modern design trends include more neutral and tonal aesthetics that call for its inclusion; thus boucle lends itself perfectly. “Boucle adds warmth and texture to spaces,” Melinda notes.

Marquardt stresses the durability and adaptability of boucle fabrics as major advantages, noting they can withstand frequent usage without tear or rip damage – ideal for upholstery and large pieces of furniture. Cleanup with feather duster cleaning is quick and simple too – however she advises against adding them into homes with pets as their claws could damage its nubby weave weave.

Boucle fabric may be more costly than other types, but according to Marquardt it is worth every cent spent. Boulle’s quality, its unique texture, durability, versatility and fire retardant properties all make it a smart choice for upholstery, drapery and decorative pillows – not to mention being made with wool-blend material that naturally resists fire and flame; plus being highly water resistant it makes an excellent choice in light hues if treated with anti-stain treatments as it won’t stain easily.

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