Buying Boucle Fabric By The Yard

Boucle fabric by the yard

Boucle, from its French word meaning curled or ringed, stands out among any other fabric on the market. Its distinctive nubby texture makes it popular for sofas, pillows and accent chairs alike – perfect for creating that cozy yet organic modern aesthetic that has become increasingly prevalent today.

Boucle fabrics, typically woven from wool but also available in versions made of merino, alpaca, silk and linen, are an incredibly dense yet soft fabric with nubby textures similar to sherpa fleece or marled linen and can add character and warmth without overpowering the room.

Experts advise choosing a fabric with some pattern instead of solids for their boucle fabric, to prevent pilling quickly in dark-colored lining. Solid colors often show wear more quickly due to pilling.

Consider when choosing a boucle fabric: its looped texture can make it quite snag-prone, so use it only in an area away from children and pets. Furthermore, having your lighter-colored upholstered pieces treated for stain resistance could be worthwhile as well.

Boucle fabrics aren’t as hardwearing as more durable performance fabrics like Crypton or Revolution, so you must treat them with extra caution. Try keeping your boucle upholstered items out of direct sunlight as much as possible and vacuum regularly to prevent wear and tear.

Boucle fabric adds elegance to any room in your home, but it is important to understand its limitations before purchasing one. To get the most from your boucle sofa or accent chair purchase, take some time to educate yourself about this special fabric’s care instructions and recommended uses so you can feel assured your new purchase will stand the test of time.

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