Bulk Zinnia Seeds Are Easy to Grow, Long-Lasting, and Colorful

Bulk zinnia seeds are one of our go-to annual flowers, as they’re easy to cultivate, long-lived and colorful enough for any garden. Zinnias are great first-time gardener favorites as well as experienced growers; both can use these beautiful annuals when in need of quick color fixes in beds, containers or meadows. Zinnias also make excellent cut flowers that last longer in vase arrangements – especially double flowering varieties which add even more beauty to bouquets! Plus they thrive well under hot temperatures, being heat and drought tolerant while being pollinator friendly as well as being deer resistant!

Zinnias come in an extensive array of heights and blooming times, from tall single, semi-double, to double flowers that bloom all at the same time. You’ll find single, semi-double, double, as well as many different shaped and colored petals to choose from – dandelions have ray-only flowers while disk only (like sunflowers and black-eyed Susans) or both types can co-exist as in these versatile blooms – making zinnias great perennial choices or self seed themselves over time to become naturalized garden blooms!

Zinnia flowers bloom from yellow or white petals that gradually turn shades of pink, red, orange, and purple as time progresses. Zinnias make beautiful additions to any garden space from meadows to cottage gardens and can even be planted as border flowers or along garden edges for vegetable gardening edging. Being exceptionally easy to cultivate makes zinnias ideal summer annuals in any situation or homestead!

Peruvian Zinnia (Zinnia peruviana) is another vibrant blooming flower option from Southwestern native wildflowers that make a fantastic choice for cottage gardens or meadows, featuring gorgeous rosette-like clusters of blooms with subtle rainbow hues that bloom from reddish brown to light purple and back again. They make great cut flowers as well as lasting in bouquets for extended periods – not to mention being easy and resilient plants themselves that tolerate most climates!

Our non-GMO bulk zinnia seeds are an ideal way to add vibrant and long-lasting colors to your garden or meadow. Simply sow directly outside after all danger of frost has passed or start indoors a month prior to your last frost date for an early start on their growth season. Zinnias flourish best in full sun conditions and should either be broadcasted across an area or planted traditionally – deadheading faded flowers regularly can extend bloom time, and early thin starts help prevent overcrowding and prevent legginess!

California Giant Heirloom Zinnia Seeds have been an iconic choice since 1919. Growing 4 feet tall with spectacular 4- to 6-inch semi-double flowers all season long, they boast cherry, orange, pink, scarlet and purple varieties with subtle wildflower flavors for maximum enjoyment! This mix contains cherry heirloom zinnias.

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