BMW X5 2021 Dark Graphite Metallic

BMW X5 2021 Dark Graphite Metallic is one of many colors offered to owners of this luxurious SUV. This deep metallic gray shade boasts bright blue sparkling flakes and sparkles that pop against its black surface when illuminated in direct sunlight; in shade conditions however it takes on more of a purple tint.

If you view an XM in any other color, its appearance can be an eye-searing visual assault with lines and creases galore – as though its designers went crazy while designing. Carbon Black helps soften some of those creases out by hiding some lines while making it appear normal.

Color N Drive’s easy and user-friendly touch up paint solution will guarantee to match your BMW color in three simple steps, providing paint chip repair that you can rely on! Get BMW X5 paint chip repair at your local BMW dealer using German-patented technology in three easy steps. Color N Drive works with every BMW color available.

Say goodbye to stone chips and scratches on your BMW X5 dark graphite metallic with our easy paint repair kit. Guaranteed to match factory color, this 3-step process guarantees factory color match. No matter if it’s scratched, pitted, or blemished our system repairs it all.

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