Blue Violet Color

Blue violet color combines the soothing elements of blue with the vibrant vibrancy of purple for an eye-catching combination that often symbolises mysticism, spirituality and imagination. Popularly used in fashion to add mystery and allure as well as symbolizing counterculture and artistic daringness, it remains an elegant hue in fashion today.

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For centuries, artists have revered various shades of blue, violet and purple as tools to convey emotion and set the mood in their works. Renaissance artists used blue violet to evoke feelings of melancholy and mystery in religious paintings while blue violet remains popular today for its ability to convey calmness and peace in modern and contemporary paintings.


From graphic designs to fashion collections, blue violet has long been used by designers as an eye-catching color. You’ll often see its use in logos or high-tech graphics; its softer applications such as floral patterns or geometric shapes also incorporate this hue. When it comes to fashion collections, blue violet can create a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic.

Hex code 8A2BE2 represents the blue violet hue. A hexadecimal color can be specified using six numbers that represent individual shades of red, green and blue, from 0 to 255 in value; every pair of numbers (RRGGBB) represents an aspect of its hue – for instance describing blue violet as (RRRRGGBB)255 might work; with each number representing either red (RR), green (GG) or blue (BB).

Under the RGB color model, blue violet is represented by an RGB value of 255 (red + green + blue). However, its blue component tends more toward indigo than true blue violet – prompting some websites and programs to refer to it as indigo blue instead of true blue violet.

Blue violet can be altered by altering its lightness; shading darkened shades while tinting lighter variations can produce subtle differences. You can experiment with various combinations of blue violet hues using Simplified’s Color Palette Generator. Pair this shade with blues and other purple hues for an eye-catching palette, or mix it with pinks and other shades of purple to achieve a delicate, feminine aesthetic. Simplified’s free online Color Palette Generator makes experimenting with different combinations of colors easy without downloading any software. Simply upload a photo and choose the Simplified palette that best complements your desired look. Click on any individual hues to see an example of how that hue might work with your design, if it doesn’t meet your approval just change it and try again! Getting color right can be easy – give yourself the freedom to experiment until you find just the perfect combination for your next project!

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