Black Beauty Ultra – A Thin, Healthy Lawn That Makes Your Neighbors Jealous

Your Black Beauty Ultra Grassful, Thick & Healthy Lawn will Make the Envy of Neighbors

Your lawn’s grass has an important job: It protects it from heat, sun, drought, weeds and insects while also absorbing and holding onto moisture from rainfall or watering to lower overall maintenance costs. A healthy lawn that absorbs more moisture naturally resists disease and insect infestation more naturally reducing pesticide usage; this is particularly evident for lawns planted with black beauty ultra. Their unique waxy coating helps lock in soil moisture like cacti do – keeping your grass lush and beautiful!

Jonathan Green’s elite turf-type tall fescue varieties make this mix especially formulated for overseeding existing lawns in the fall or planting new lawns in full sun to light shaded areas. It boasts superior heat, cold, and drought tolerance as well as quick germination rates similar to what sod growers employ across the country.

Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty Seed Blend is an ideal way to reseed entire lawns or revitalize bare patches quickly and efficiently, or fill in any bare spots quickly with lush dark-green lawns in both sunny and shaded locations. A mix of Jonathan Green’s finest tall fescue varieties combined with Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass provides excellent wear tolerance on heavily used lawns while filling any holes quickly and filling in bare spots quickly. Plus it offers great drought and heat resistance. A truly popular seed blend that will revitalize any lawn it touches!

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