Bedroom Wall Ideas – Shiplap

Shiplap wall ideas make an excellent statement in any bedroom – rustic or contemporary alike. Not only is it cost-effective and budget-friendly, it adds character and charm without breaking the bank! Easily found online are tutorials on how to do DIY shiplap projects; for larger rooms try painting it a different color (white is fine) or add pops of color such as grays, blues, or greens which pair nicely with its raw edges.

If you don’t want to commit to an entire wall of shiplap, another great way of adding texture and depth to a room is adding shiplap as a headboard. Perfect for guest bedrooms and children’s rooms alike, adding shiplap headboards add texture while simultaneously being stylish alternatives to upholstered options. Add additional design details with molding frames, painting it, and/or using decorative trims – and finish the look off beautifully by framing the whole thing with floral fabrics or simple white swags framed around its perimeter!

Shiplap adds character and dimension to any room when added to its ceiling, especially vaulted ones, making the room seem larger and taller. A DIY tutorial might work, or hire an experienced professional for installation purposes if possible.

Shiplap adds texture and interest to a bathroom, creating an aesthetic similar to modern farmhouse-inspired spaces. When combined with white walls and cabinets, painted shiplap walls create the ideal combination for coastal or Scandinavian-themed bathrooms with ample natural lighting – the painted surface adds visual interest while also brightening up your room!

Shiplap adds texture and warmth to any space, but when painted in an eye-catching hue it truly makes an impactful statement. A dark shiplap wall makes this bedroom inviting while breaking up an otherwise all-white space by providing some contrast and adding drama. This bedroom serves as an example of using dark shiplap walls strategically: here it helps bring out rich textures while adding drama with a pop of color on one wall.

Shiplap wall decor ideas can make an excellent addition to any bedroom wall design scheme, and should definitely be considered when planning bedroom wall decoration schemes. As an alternative to drywall walls, shiplap can fit seamlessly into any room’s decor – the key being picking a shade that complements both your space and desired style.

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