Asparagus Roots Sale

Asparagus is an easy, tasty, nutritious perennial vegetable to cultivate and harvest. Perfect for salads, grilling, steaming or soup making. Asparagus also provides high levels of vitamins B & C along with calcium as well as antioxidants!

Growing asparagus can be both rewarding and exciting in the garden. Roots for sale make growing asparagus easy, while with proper care the plants can continue producing for years. A fantastic choice for home gardens as well as individuals seeking to avoid spending their savings buying it from markets or supermarkets; also perfect for urban dwellers without enough room for larger vegetable plots.

Asparagus comes in many varieties that will thrive in various climates, with certain varieties preferring colder environments over others and offering higher yields than others. Some varieties even possess disease resistance properties. Asparagus can be planted either directly in the ground or garden fabric grow bags; it should always be done so in well prepared soil that contains ample compost; trenches that provide adequate depth allow their roots to expand freely as part of long-term vitality for lasting vitality and strength of growth.

Walker Deluxe, Mary Washington and Purple Passion asparagus varieties are among the most widely grown. Walker Deluxe produces medium to large sized spears in an eye-catching green hue that flourish in zones 3-8; this vigorous grower also shows good tolerance of cold temperatures while being resistant to Fusarium wilt and crown rot; maturity typically occurs within two years of planting.

Asparagus Racemosus is an ancient medicinal herb commonly used to relieve an upset stomach (dyspepsia), constipation, stomach spasms and fluid retention issues as well as cancer, bronchitis, arthritis, diarrhea pain relief as well as anxiety relief. Furthermore, Asparagus Racemosus can be used to ease alcohol withdrawal symptoms, decrease menstrual cramps and increase sexual desire.

Asparagus roots for sale can be purchased at local nurseries and garden centers. To ensure long-term success of your plantings, invest in high-quality asparagus root crowns – they should be sold year-round in warmer climates but ideally planted between early spring or late autumn.

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