Asparagus Roots Sale

Asparagus is an annual vegetable often planted during spring. Most garden centers and home gardening catalogs sell one-year-old crowns that can be planted, which look like lifeless strings of roots but will soon start producing asparagus spears from underground buds on its root system. When left to develop further, these asparagus plants produce leaves known as ferns which make asparagus a nutritious food choice that can be used in various dishes.

Asparagus is an easy plant to cultivate in most climates and thrives best when planted in well-draining soil. Full sun conditions with sandy or loamy soil is optimal; otherwise you can amend the area with compost or manure as necessary. When planting asparagus crowns it is also important to add a layer of mulch after the root ball has been put into the ground.

Once asparagus has been planted, it is crucial to keep its beds weeded and mulched regularly throughout its growing season. This will allow plants to retain vigor and produce healthy harvests next year. Furthermore, keeping asparagus ferns trimmed will prevent pests such as asparagus beetles from overwintering in its beds.

Jersey Giant asparagus variety is an ideal example. A male hybrid that produces large amounts of high-grade spears, it can reach heights between 4-6 feet tall with lovely light-green foliage that makes for beautiful spears that can be eaten fresh, grilled, or steamed – not forgetting it makes an attractive cut flower and can even be planted alongside perennial roses!

Millennium was developed at the University of Guelph in Canada and is an all male hybrid that will not produce seeds. Selecting such an all male variety for asparagus cultivation is especially essential as female plants typically produce thinner spears than their male counterparts.

No matter which variety you select, it is advised that you allow three years for the plant’s energy reserves to build up sufficiently and produce harvestable asparagus. Furthermore, this allows the best flavor and consistency.

When planting asparagus, plant 10 asparagus crowns per person who enjoys this delicious vegetable in your family. This will provide plenty of asparagus throughout the year as well as enough for freezing later. Asparagus plants can last up to 20 years with proper care; to do this water your patch regularly in order to prevent becoming dry, and apply mulch after two years have passed.

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