Asparagus Roots Sale

Purchase 3 Year Asparagus Roots as a Smart Investment in Your Garden Purchasing these mature bare root crowns is a smart move that pays dividends in your garden, producing delicious sweet tender spears in no time at all! Additionally they’re an ideal candidate for growing in Garden Fabric Grow Bags.

Asparagus ferns are perennial vegetables that can last between 15-18 years when properly maintained and planted. Success lies in site selection; asparagus thrives best with full sun exposure and well-drained, neutral to slightly acidic soil pH levels between 6.5-7. Before planting asparagus ferns in fall or early spring soil should be thoroughly prepared first.

When selecting an asparagus variety to plant, it’s essential to take yield, disease resistance and color into account. Heirloom varieties tend to have larger leaves with stronger flavors but can be difficult to grow in colder climates. F1 hybrids tend to be more productive but tend to cost more upfront; however, their costs could potentially make up for any space limitations they might present.

We offer several asparagus varieties for sale, such as all-male varieties that produce more spears and are easier to grow in various environments. Millennium asparagus is an exceptional example of such an all-male hybrid variety with high yields, vigor and tight head production under hot and warm climate conditions, while it tolerates more replanting than some other asparagus types.

Our Jersey Supreme asparagus produces succulent spears with exceptional flavor. A hardy hybrid, this variety exhibits excellent disease resistance and thrives across various environments.

As asparagus requires regular feedings, we suggest applying all-natural fertilizers such as Gurney’s Asparagus Food every spring and after spear harvest. This will provide your plants with proper nutrition while encouraging more vigorous growth.

When planting asparagus it is recommended that a trench 12-15 inches deep is dug and 18″ apart bare root crowns planted bare-rooted crowns are planted bare root crowns covered with two inches of soil are set into place in each trench. As soon as asparagus starts emerging add more soil as necessary until reaching the top of a raised bed – it would also be beneficial to mulch this bed to conserve moisture and control weed growth.

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