Asparagus Crowns For Sale

Asparagus crowns for sale make an eye-catching garden addition, yielding delicious spears year after year. Packed with vitamins B and C, calcium, iron, and protein – including antioxidants-, this perennial is an invaluable nutritional staple that’s enjoyed raw, steamed, grilled or canned/pickled as part of any healthy diet. Growing asparagus requires little care or maintenance – with plants lasting 15-20 years in most climates! However, for optimal success it requires careful attention paid to initial planting depth and soil quality when initial planting depth/quality is paid close attention to.

Asparagus plants flourish in full sun and well-drained soil with rich organic matter. We recommend mixing compost or other amendments into the soil prior to planting asparagus crowns; regular weeding and mulching will keep conditions favorable for long term productivity. Asparagus crowns should be planted either early spring or fall/winter for mild climates in trenches dug at an optimal depth (18 inches). After planting, cover crowns with 2-3 inches of soil before gradually adding more as the shoots develop for optimal success in an asparagus patch!

Selecting the ideal asparagus varieties is key to creating a thriving asparagus bed. Our trials have demonstrated the superior performance of various cultivars such as Purple Passion, Jersey Giant and Millennium asparagus varieties; each boasting different characteristics in both flavor and yields.

Your desired asparagus plants depend on both climate and taste preferences; select one that best meets both of those criteria to produce maximum asparagus harvest in your garden.

We carry 1 and 2-year old asparagus crowns as an affordable way to begin an asparagus patch, offering various shipping dates so you can select the one most suited for your location.

Asparagus beds require patience during their initial setup stages, but can pay dividends down the line. Harvests generally begin in the second year and increase each subsequent year; for optimal yields it is suggested to harvest only a handful of spears in year one in order to promote fern growth that directs more energy towards root production and ensures heavy yields later in the season. Harvesting regularly throughout the season ensures good vigor as well as providing an ample supply of tasty asparagus spears!

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