Asparagus Crowns For Sale

Asparagus is an irresistibly delicious and nutritional vegetable that adds an elegant spring flair to the garden. Perfectly suitable for zones 3-9, asparagus thrives under full sunlight in well-draining soil with an ideal pH between 6.5-7 for best results. Packed full of vitamins B and C as well as calcium and iron, growing asparagus takes some patience but with careful planning, attentive planting and nutrient rich soil, you can experience its many rewards over many seasons of gardening!

As an alternative to seeding asparagus, buying crowns for sale offers a quicker and cost-effective method of creating an asparagus bed. Planting asparagus crowns either in spring when potatoes are planted or fall usually yields results within two years if planted during spring; your harvest could even arrive as soon as two years post planting! When shopping for asparagus crowns for sale be sure to look for varieties tailored specifically to your climate and taste preferences; Purple Passion asparagus offers exceptional color and flavor profiles which are sure to dazzle guests at any event!

An affordable way to kick-start an asparagus bed this spring, purchasing asparagus crowns for sale can provide an easy and cost-effective solution. While purchasing asparagus crowns will give your garden an early boost, keep in mind that harvest will likely occur the second year as healthy plants require attentive planting, quality soil and care to produce tasty spears which make a welcome addition to any meal!

When purchasing asparagus crowns, make sure their roots are large and have healthy buds. Also make sure that you find a retailer offering premium crowns like Gurney’s so your plants will thrive and remain healthy in your garden. Using premium asparagus crowns ensures healthy plants that can flourish in any climate or soil type.

Gurney’s offers various varieties of asparagus plants, such as Jersey Knight and Mary Washington varieties. Both these varieties are resistant to fusarium crown rot, asparagus rust and other diseases and do well in heavy clay-like soil conditions. Jersey Knight hybrid asparagus has gained immense popularity among gardeners for its higher yield than traditional green varieties and greater tolerance of hot weather conditions.

Asparagus needs plenty of light in order to flourish, so select an area which receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Well-draining soil is also crucial; amend it with organic matter such as compost or rotted manure to keep its pH between 6.5-7.5. Introducing asparagus can be challenging, so prepare the planting site in autumn by digging a 12-15″ trench deep and spacing the crowns 12-18″ apart before placing their roots into it and covering with two inches of dirt over their crowns until their emerge fully covered by successive layers of soil until all crowns have emerged completely covered by dirt layers until fully covered by soil layers that completely cover them over their crowns.

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