Asparagus Crowns For Sale

Asparagus is one of the first vegetables to emerge each spring. A perennial veggie that needs only minimal care to thrive for decades of enjoyment. Packed with vitamins B&C, calcium and iron content – growing asparagus crowns yourself is sure to yield tasty spears that are more tender and flavorful than store bought asparagus!

Our asparagus crowns for sale are hardy one-year-old plants that can be planted either early spring (in cold climates) or late fall/winter in milder environments. These bare-root crowns are highly productive and well adapted to various zones (3-8). They perform best in sandy, loamy, or clay soil with pH levels between 6.5 – 7.5 and are resistant to rust, fusarium crown rot, and other common asparagus diseases – we offer various popular varieties each offering specific advantages over their peers!

Jersey Knight Asparagus Plants Asparagus Jersey Knight is a new hybrid variety renowned for its superior cold hardiness and longevity. Producing high quality, succulent spears with tighter diameters than many other green asparagus varieties; more disease resistant; performing better under heavier soil conditions than many; it is non GMO with high percentage of male plants;

Mary Washington Asparagus Plants One of the most beloved heirloom asparagus varieties available in the US, Mary Washington Asparagus boasts deliciously long and straight stalks that are cold-hardy and heat tolerant as well as resistant to rust – making them an excellent choice for both home gardens and commercial growers alike.

Millennium Asparagus Plants

Millennium Asparagus is a great green asparagus variety to consider for Minnesota gardeners. This non GMO hybrid boasts excellent cold hardiness and adaptability to heavy soils for more consistent yields over an extended harvest season than other green varieties. Furthermore, Millennium produces high percentages of male plants to minimize pollen contamination from neighboring fields as well as superior disease resistance including rust.

Our asparagus roots are carefully chosen and high graded to guarantee superior quality. When planting asparagus in a trench 12-18 inches wide and 8 inches deep, place their crown or tops out like tentacles so they are about an inch apart from one another. Cover the roots with 2-3 inches of organic mulch at planting time and continue adding more as your asparagus plants develop; adding mulch helps protect healthy soil and reduce weeds, and keep watering regularly during summer to encourage continuous production of tender spears!

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