Asparagus Crowns For Sale

Asparagus is an easy perennial vegetable that can be easily grown from crowns or roots. A properly cared-for asparagus bed will produce succulent spears each spring that are packed with vitamin B and C as well as calcium and iron; making it the ideal addition to any diet. Home grown asparagus tastes far superior to store bought options and can be enjoyed raw in salads, cooked dishes, grilled, roasted or steamed for optimal enjoyment!

Our selection of hardy one year old bare-root asparagus crowns includes early, mid and late season varieties to meet any growing zone needs. Each bundle comes complete with our easy asparagus planting guide as well as our free soil amendment chart so that your soil can be optimal before starting planting!

Jersey Knight Asparagus Plants A new hybrid asparagus cultivar that stands out in Minnesota trials due to its high yields and outstanding vigor is Jersey Knight Asparagus Plants, known for its resistance against both rust and Fusarium crown rot, as well as heavy soil conditions. Gardeners everywhere quickly took notice of its vigorous growth with large succulent spears quickly garnering the admiration of gardeners there as well.

Millennium Asparagus Plants

Created in Canada, this non GMO hybrid male asparagus variety consistently delivers better spear quality than other varieties. It boasts high percentages of tight, uniform spears that remain straight even during hot harvest seasons; also boasting great vigor, cold hardiness and longevity.

Minnesota gardeners love this fast-growing heirloom variety of asparagus; its fast growth produces thick and juicy spears in May and June with great flavor, disease resistance, and great vigorous growth – this asparagus variety has long been beloved.

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