Acer Palmatum

Acer palmatum is a deciduous tree with five lobed leaves that turn deep orange and crimson in autumn, making them popular garden trees due to their stunning autumn display and beautiful foliage. They can reach 20 feet tall when grown under full or partial shade conditions and require moderate to low watering levels during their growing period; for optimal conditions they prefer slightly moist soil all summer.

The Acer Palmerton Tree is an excellent option for people seeking a beautiful and versatile tree that will grow well under most conditions. These stunning specimens can serve as accent or specimen trees, planted alone or planted in groups as they reach maturity. In addition, these shade trees make excellent shade provider as their large leaves create plenty of canopy cover. Grafted plants may cost more but offer longer durability.

Japan has long relied on Acer Palmatum trees as a remedy for eye and liver ailments. Their leaves, twigs and bark have all been used to treat eye symptoms including soreness, lack of vision and cloudy vision; additionally they are thought to improve blood circulation thereby lowering blood pressure and improving heart health. They can grow in any climate but usually prefer warmer environments with higher altitudes.

The Acer Palmerton tree offers many uses and is well known for its beautiful blooms, from erosion control and pollution mitigation, to producing violins and guitars for musical instrument manufacturing.

This study was conducted at the EPA’s Palmerton Zinc Pile Superfund Site (Palmerton, PA, USA). High levels of metal contaminants can be found at this location and vegetation has been degraded due to overgrazing and site clearing activities. Contaminated soil was amended with compost and biosolids before C4 grasses were planted to revitalize and sequester metals from its soil surface.

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