5 Ways to Use Black Kitchen Cabinets to Elevate a White Kitchen

Kitchens are at the core of every home, and color has a powerful impact on their aesthetic. White kitchens have long been favored due to their timeless appeal; however, other hues are possible too – for example black island cabinets can add an eye-catching statement that makes any culinary space come alive! Here are some inspiring ways you can incorporate this unexpected shade of black island cabinets into your design scheme.

1. Opt for a glossy finish. A high-gloss paint will add visual intrigue and vibrancy to any kitchen island, especially when combined with bright white materials such as marble. This combination can make the island even more striking while the glossy surface also makes cleaning up easy, keeping it looking new and clean for longer.

2. Combine a dark island with woody accents. A black island may seem intimidating for some homeowners, so soften its tone by including warm touches such as the rattan bar stools and Persian rug shown here by Amber Interior Design in their bohemian kitchen designed. Their presence also complements the warm natural tones found throughout their wood floors and ceiling beams for an inviting vignette that provides visual balance and harmony.

3. Add brass hardware. To soften the intensity of a black kitchen island, try dressing it with brass cabinet hardware a la Studio McGee’s design. Its warm metal tones will add warmth to the stark black countertops while drawing attention back to their focal point; adding wood backsplash further unifies these black accents into its overall palette and ensures it doesn’t feel overbearing.

4. Consider pairing your gray kitchen island with black cabinets.

Contrasting against classic white cabinetry, a gray island adorned with black accents creates an eye-catching modern and contemporary aesthetic that feels fresh and modern. But be wary when choosing the shade; too much grey can feel cold and clinical – look for one with soft blue undertones to prevent too much harshness in its hue.

5. Combine a dark kitchen island with a light wood countertop. A dark kitchen island may appear out-of-place in a rustic or farmhouse-style kitchen, but you can create an elegant and sophisticated appearance by choosing a light wood countertop for the island. This option allows black accents to stand out more distinctly while still complementing light wood cabinetry for a seamless appearance that is incredibly beautiful.

6. Combine the island with a marble countertop.

A black kitchen island makes an eye-catching centerpiece in any design featuring marble countertops, from classic granite to more contemporary quartz. Its rich tone provides luxurious contrast that pairs well with any range of countertop materials, from classic granite to more contemporary quartz, making this pairing particularly effective with neutral backsplashes and light wood flooring, such as in this stunning Houzz kitchen design.

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